Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes

Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes
Chef Ilona Szabo Reveals The Secrets of Hungarian Cooking

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hungarian Meal Planner - Elegant, Elaborate and Simple Everyday Peasant Meals

Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes ™ 

6th Anniversary Edition

by Clara M. Czegeny.

Best-Selling author says... it is an exquisite and wonderful array of  My Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes
 and is a celebration of  our edition published on Helen Czegeny's 80th birthday, Jan, 14, 2006. 

As a result of this amazing event, Senior Editor and Journalist for the Brantford Expositor wrote an exquisite full-page newspaper column to celebrate the book launch. 

The story title was Hungarian Rhapsody - Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes Capture Flavours of Hungarian Heritage” Monday, February 27, 2006. At the end of the article, Kit McDermott said excitedly ...”Truly, these are he best of  
"Helen’s Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes"

We loved the article and what it meant, so we used the new name all over our book and media posts and blogs and for the title of our Heritage Edition immediately. So from that moment on, we coined our Heritage Book’s Edition
 Helen’s Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes. (2006)
On the 6th Anniversary of the Best-Selling cookbook, (2012) we are offering our Jan 2006 edition, signed by Chef Ilona Szabo and author Clara Margaret Czegeny, as an exclusive offer. 
Nothing shows off  the secrets of Hungarian cooking" like this lovely keepsake heritage edition which contains 220 original recipes, stories, great photos and more. 
From the simple peasant dishes to elaborate and very elegant celebration dishes- pleasing any discerning palate. Helen shares the flavours of Hungary" in grande style. And remember to, 
"Put a little Paprika in your life"!TM.

Over 440 recipes complete with History of Hungarian food, paprika, wines, celebrations, chef’s hints, measuring guides, mouth-watering food photographs from talented graphic artist and photographer Evangeline Czegeny Mackell of Design in Bloom
(Helen’s grand-daughter)

Elegant, Elaborate Celebration Meals

Meal # 1

Course # 1   Hen Soup w/Cork Screw Noodles (Tjuk Leves Csiga Tésztával)

 Course # 2         Cabbage Rolls (Toltött Káposzta)

 Course # 3         Breaded Chicken (Kirántott Csirke) w/Parsley Potatoes (Petrezsélymes Krumpli) w/Cucumber Salad (Uborka Saláta)

 Course # 4         Dobos Torte (Dobos Torta)

Meal # 2

 Course # 1         Mixed Potato Vegetable Soup (Zoldséges Krumpli Leves) Or Kohlrabi Cream Soup (Karalábe Krémleves)

 Course # 2         Chicken Paprika (Paprikás Csirke) with Dumplings (Nokedli) w/Cucumber Salad (Uborka Saláta) (Side-Dish Buttered Peas or Carrots)  (Párolt Sárga Répa)

Course # 3         Apple Filled Pastry Squares (Almás Pite/Lepény)

Simple Peasant Type (Everyday) Meals

Meal # 1
Course # 1      Dry Bean Soup with Pork Hocks 
(Száraz Bab Leves Csulokel)
Course # 2      Hungarian Crepes (Magyar Palacsinta) filled with Cottage Cheese (Túrós Palacsinta)

Meal # 2
Course # 1     Sour Cream Potato w/Pork Hocks 
(Savanu Krumpli Leves)
  Course # 2      Layered Potato Sausage Casserole
(Rakott Krumpli Kolbászal)
Course # 3     Sponge Cake (Jelly Roll w/Apricot Jam) (Piskóta Tekercs)

Meal # 3
Course # 1     Savoy Cabbage and Potato Stew
(Kelkáposzta Fôzelék)
Course # 2     Golden Walnut Sweet Bread 
           (Arany Galuska)

Meal # 4
Course # 1     Goulash Soup (Gulyás Leves) Hungarian Bread (Fehér  Kenyer)
Course # 2     Cottage Cheese Noodles with Bacon & Sour Cream
(Túrós Csusza)
Course # 3     Fruit Compote (Apple or Pear) 
(Gyümölcs Compote)

Meal # 5
Course # 1     Mixed Potato Vegetable Soup (Zoldséges Krumpli Leves)
Course # 2     Pork & Sauerkraut Rice Casserole
(Kolozsvári Rakott   Káposzta)
Course # 3     Cottage Cheese Strudel or Apple Strudel 
(Almás Rétes)

Contains great Chef's Hints too!

Clara and Helen’s cookbook contain a "Hungarian rhapsody of recipes" that include Gulyas, Csirke Paprikas, Paprikas Krumpli, Retes, Palacsinta, Dobos Torta, Beigli, Kifli, and many more mouth-watering national treasures not available anywhere else except from a Hungarian Trained Chef.

Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes tm  
says it all.Visit our websites today for great 
stories, pictures and of course - amazing recipes.

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