Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes

Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Julie & Julia- a Feel Good Classic Movie

Today's blog is about the debut of a wonderful food movie, Julie & Julia, based on a book by Julie Powell, a young secretary who turned her whole life around when she found purpose by deciding to cook her way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child.

She did not pick the easiest book on her shelf, or the trendiest; she picked Julia Child's masterpiece, which Julia spent years writing while living in France, falling in love with the food, and looking for her own purpose in life. Julie Powell got into her dumpy little Brooklyn kitchen and wrestled livers and brains and aspic, and through a book that is 37 years old found her way to becoming a better cook, and to becoming a writer.

Finding one's way in the kitchen can be a challenge, a task, or a pleasure. Sometime all three. But you know what? That's the point. Becoming comfortable and confident in the kitchen is one of life's greatest joys, and we don't think that's overstating it in the slightest. Feeding your family, entertaining friends, perfecting a roast chicken -- these are the happy skills in life that give back a thousandfold. Julia Child made so many people excited about rolling up their sleeves and getting real, authentic, delicious food on the table. For that we are forever grateful. And to Julia, we dedicate this newsletter. The recipe introductions are Julia's own words, from her groundbreaking book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

And at the heart of it, that's the thing. Crack open a cookbook, find a recipe online, be inspired by the farmers' market, but just get into the kitchen and cook.

Hopefully that cookbook will be Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes - now in E-book format and Large Print Edition. Visit our website today and remember - put a little paprika in your life! www.dreammachine.biz

Clara's Sister Anne Lindsay congratulatory cookbook note says..."Clara and my mother Helen co-authored these amazing treasured Hungarian family recipes.

So, whether you crave Chicken Paprikas or Almas Retes, this authentic, beloved, cherished and Hungarian Heritage Recipe collection includes a vast array of national favourites, from appetizers through desserts. Learn about, create, and taste the flavours and culinary traditions of Hungary - from Cabbage Rolls to Poppy seed and Walnut Rolls and the famous regal Dobos Torte. It must have been an amazing task - God bless you both! Great Job!

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