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Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes
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Friday, June 14, 2013

A Tribute to my Dad on Father's Day by Clara M. Czegeny

A Tribute to my Dad...
Alexander Sandor Czegeny 1944 (Hungary)

Life and Chess and Making "ALL" the Right Moves!

Growing up in a classic Hungarian family, I witnessed many wonderful things to be grateful for. My parents viewed Canada as the land of dreams, freedom, and living life without limits or boundaries, full of hope, possibilities and abundance. But it wasn't just all about hard work, it was about love and family and making great and lasting memories. Dad always said "Let's try" or "Let's try again" or "Why not?". Nothing was out of reach or impossible. That confidence lives on in me to take on life's challenges and turn the obstacles into opportunities. And when things get out of hand, I ask God to turn the messes into miracles!

My dad was a good chess player. Ok, that's not true. Dad was an "AMAZING" chess player. And something I did not know, but learned recently, he learned to play chess from his baby brother, Nick! How cool is that? 
As a little girl, I would sit munching and watch him play his opponents, one after another-beating them all! Never for money, just the challenge - the ultimate win. It got so the spectators would place bets on not "who" would win, that was a given - but how fast!

Giving the chess game the 'old school try" and Dad's incredibly patient character didn't pay off with my mastering the game, but when we kept saying - "Dad, how do you know - how do you do it?" He said - "..you only have one chance to make the right move". Ok - lesson learned. Take your time, think things over, ponder and mull your options. That's why chess is so challenging to "WATCH". You don't know what is going on behind that serious look.

But his "right" moves were not all made on the chess board - but in real life, with his family, with his career opportunities and his business decisions. Competition and winning, I inherited from my dad. As an author and daughter, I have not made the mistake of basking in my moments of triumph, but have learned and inventoried countless bits of strategic information to use for life.
Some of the other special gifts that he passed along especially to me were: honesty, trustworthiness, humility and grace!

We all know life isn't a chess game and wisdom develops over time after failures and mistakes. Dad provided all the groundwork for me to secure those highly saught-after redeemable qualities such: as forethought, insight, tenacity and intuition as well as adventurous, compassionate and creative. 
Thank you so much, Dad.
I love you and miss you madly!
by the Hot Hungarian!  (Clara M. Czegeny)

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