Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes

Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes
Chef Ilona Szabo Reveals The Secrets of Hungarian Cooking

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes - Get's Rave Reviews on Amazon


BESTSELLERS in CANADA - Just a friendly note - have seen many authors brag about being best-sellers.  You have to EARN bragging rights - like selling the # of books that is allowed those honours.  In Canada you must sell 10,000 books in a single market.  Then and only then are you Best-Sellers.

When an 85 year old seasoned chef (Ilona Szabo) and her daughter (Clara M. Czegney) and her graphic artist photographer (Evangeline Mackell) hit the list - listen up!

AMAZON Editorial Reviews  -

A Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes found on each page


Clara Czegeny's cookbook is a small treasure with a big heart. The loving result of a desire to honour an aging parent. Gathering the best entries from her mother's memories and scribbled papers to create a cornucopia of Hungarian dishes that will delight even the most discerning palate. Clara s daughter, Evangeline H.H. Mackell of Design in Bloom is the accomplished photographer and graphic artist for the cookbook. Truly, a three generation wonder! Written in a homey style and packaged in an excellent way to be very useful to the working chef or anyone interested in reading and learning about Hungarian folklore. The book is informative, fun and sensibly priced. A great buy in my books! --Dr. Gordon M. Balfour, BusMgr-Writer-Gideons International In Canada, 2006

Easy for some, with cookbooks and family recipes for quick reference, not a problem for most of us. Imagine, however, that the creative chef and her secret recipes has most ingredients and methods for preparation stored in her head, with only bits of information jotted down on scraps of paper and the backs of envelopes, sometimes in Hungarian, or Swedish, German, or even Russian. --Kit McDermott, Senior Editior, Lifestyles, Brantford Expositor - Feb, 2006

Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes by Canada's newest Best Selling Cookbook author, Clara Margaret Czegeny - is a culinary treasure of truly Hungarian Classic Recipes passed down through generations of the Szabo, Czegeny, Deak and Zajacs families. Take a culinary journey through Hungarian Cuisine that is boldly brushed with fiery red paprika. Whet your appetite for this subtle and complex cuisine - a melding of Germanic, French, Slavic, Tartar, and Turkish influences. Recipes are all complete with meticulous instructions, humorous anecdotes, memories, lavish illustrations, traditions, lore and lots of love. Contrary to popular belief, Hungarian food is much more than paprika and goulash. In this book, you will find a wide array of recipes to expand the appreciation of this cuisine. Clara and my dear mother Helen, co-authored this treasured Hungarian family recipe collection. So, whether you crave Chicken Paprikas or Almas Retes, this authentic, beloved, cherished and Hungarian Heritage Recipe collection includes a vast array of national favourites, from appetizers through desserts. Learn about, create, and taste the flavours and culinary traditions of Hungary - from Cabbage Rolls to Poppy seed and Walnut Rolls and the famous regal Dobos Torte. I can honestly say that my big sister surely came up with a winning combo on this one! --Anne M Lindsay ReMax House Calgary, Alberta 2006

Product Description

Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes by Canada's newest Best Selling cookbook author, Clara Margaret Czegeny - is a culinary treasure of truly Hungarian classic recipes passed down through generations of the Szabo-Czegeny families. A niche gem full of hidden classic recipes, for an audience who appreciates the finest of traditional European cuisine, as well as the simple home-cooking from childhood memories. A very useful tool for the working chef or anyone interested in reading and learning about Hungarian folklore. Readers of Hungarian origin will be thrilled to see all the dishes they ate as children, but never learned to make. Lecso lives on! Recipes are concise, with compact ingredient lists and straight- forward instructions. Also Available in Large Print Edition & E-book DVD!

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