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Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hungarian Raised Doughnuts - Magyar Fánk

HELEN'S HUNGARIAN HERITAGE RECIPES presents Hungarian Raised Doughnuts

Magyar Fánk vagy Farsangi Fánk

Probably the 2 most important ingredients.

A farsangi fánk könnyű, illatos, világos szalag fut rajta körbe. A legfinomabb rumos baracklekvárral remek!


You haven't lived until you have had a plump golden raised deep-fried doughnut. With a flavour all its own, just one will not do! Crispy Cream step aside, you have nothing on these. In the cookbok, there are two recipes. We are showing you the yeast raised doughnut here. My preference is the fluffier version (the raised) since the less you touch it -- the lighter they are.

When you grow up on perfectly cloud-like raised doughnuts with a light silky sugary coating, you don't crave the coffee-shop brand of donuts. The fun part -- when unexpected guests arrived, was that Dad would fly over to the doughnut shop and pick up a dozen assorted. We would critique them like we were judges in a cooking contest. 

After our book was published, (a lady who was not necessarily comfortable in the kitchen), phoned in a panic and asked about this recipe, "why the rum". Mom informed her that the 1st shot was for the chef and the 2nd shot for the batter. She called back to report that this actually gave her courage needed to tackle this recipe!

 Her family insisted that our raised doughnuts were better than anything she had every eaten -- ever! But seriously -- put the rum in and watch the pile of puffy golden doughnuts disappear. 


NOTE: In Hungary, Carnival is known as Farsang. Carnival doughnuts, called Fánk or Farsangi Fánk are essential during the Farsangi Festival held in February.

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